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This book tells the remarkable true story of an adoptee and her search for and the ultimate find of her birth family. The sequence of events concerning the adoption and the circumstances surrounding the find, make this a story that is full of heartbreak and also extreme moments of happiness.

Speaking the truth can mean life or death…Haunted by a recurring nightmare of menacing, bright-blue eyes, Susan had no idea this dream would materialize into something very real one day soon. When she witnesses a brutal murder, her life takes a tragic turn. Navigating through a maze of heartbreaking terror, she takes the stand to testify. Her passion for truth and integrity drive her riveting journey through death and terror, as the clues unravel as to who could possibly have committed such a heinous crime. Despite the horrific events, there are surprises within the trials of this tale which will confirm the goodness of humans, with their power to forgive.

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